Welcome to the N1TLL Repeater site

Sorry, The repeater is Off the Air due to coordination problems.

- 146.805 MHz 77Hz

Echolink Node Number 29050

Connected to the Internet with Echolink Now with a dedicated computer for a full time connection 24x7

Coverage in parts of Avon, Simsbury, Canton, Collinsville, Burlington, Unionville and Farmington, Connecticut

Connect all over the world on 2 meters! Use the DTMF keypad on your radio to contol the Internet connection.

Press * for info

Press 00 for a random connection

Press # to disconnect

This is an open repeater, but requires a 77.0 Hz PL tone (CTCSS)

Currently uncoordinated on 2-meters at 146.205 MHz Input

Duplexed GE Mastr II radio

NHRC-4 controller

J-pole Transmit Antenna

Colinear J-Pole Receive Antenna



How to build

How to tune




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